We are (always) TELLING ourselves "some-thing". Do not confuse your Soul with fear.

The sun is up and shining, and through my widow pane

The flowers they are growing, but need a little rain

The trees are growing taller, from Idaho to Maine

The spreading branches welcome, the sun as well as rain

The bee’s they are a buzzing, round blossoms in the grain

The honey will be flowing, as long as we get rain

The birds will keep on singing, the songs of love and pain

The birdbaths overflowing, as long a there is rain

Humans need these gifts to them, God given it is plain

These gifts all truly lovely, equally needing rain



Love is the intelligent force that IS life, that IS living, that IS the entire universe.

Love allows the universe to exist!

The intelligent force that we call God is Love!

Fear is the absence of the realization of this.

Fear causes us to doubt that we should not, and cannot be in control of Life, God, The universe!

Fear IS that doubt!!!!

To experience love as it IS, is simply realizing God IS in control, and letting (realizing Gods control).

Love is also a word that we use in many ways, such as expressing like's and dislike's strongly.

It seems a shame that we don't have better ways to express these feelings, and instead reserve the word LOVE for God!

In my humble opinion of course.


I love the view from planet earth.

People ARE trying.

People WANT to be happy.

Look at the sun, clouds, stars, mountains, trees, animals, LIFE.

This world has SO much potential!

I think that is why God put us here.


Letting go and forgiveness go hand-in-hand. (Letting go of the idea that literally "anything" is just so)

Not even letting go is "just so".

We keep moving forward in spite of our best efforts to make a stand.

Moving at all is only relative to other objects in space.

Still (ironically "still") growing spiritually, or moving in a positive direction, may be likened to the brightness of a star or pure energy. (It can get much, much brighter, but like all energy, cannot really be destroyed)

Letting go frees ourselves and others to shine with the brightness of the stars.

When I let go, others are affected in the same way that they are affected if I don't let go.

We affect others, others affect us. (Not any different from any other behavior or action really)


Stuff I learned recently. (I think)

I am okay with not knowing.

I don't have to know anything!

I can ask questions without losing my faith.

I should help others and the planet if possible.

I believe Love is limitless.

I believe fear to be what limits me.

I believe anything is possible.

I hope I never stop trying.

Fear IS what limits me.


The sky does not despise the clouds.

The ocean doesn't fear the waves.

Fear in the mind is made of mind.

With practice it behaves.

MRLARRY.ORG 25 June 2010

Vigilantly looking for the good qualities in others brings about positive change in ourselves. Practicing negative thought, produces negative thought. Practicing positive thought, produces positive thought. It's just like practicing anything else; you get out of it what you put into it.

I wish for happiness for all, it is a start you see.

A wish is how this all began, a wish can set us free.

We wish and follow dreams it's true, it really isn't odd.

That all the universe creates, a wish that's made from God.

Illusion: A thought, object, or event that is perceived differently than what is expected.

It is a common mistake to think of an illusion as something that is not real.

The statement, “life is an illusion” does not mean that life is not real. To think that life is an illusion and therefore does not matter is a mistake. To think that life is exactly as we perceive it is also a mistake.

If how we perceive life is a mistake, than how do we know the correct way to respond to life?

One way to respond that may reduce anxiety is to accept the idea that it is okay to not know how things are exactly. Instead it may be beneficial to adopt the idea that we can love others without expectations and respond to people and the world around us with kindness without expectations. In this way we have the greatest opportunity to make a positive impact on people's lives'.

To “know” that we don’t know, is freedom. It allows for any possibility. To “know” without the possibility of being wrong, forces a wedge between people. A wedge doesn’t allow for any freedom of movement or further dialog.

It is very common for two people to disagree and not allow that the other person has any possibility of being right. It can be at the very least disagreeable for both parties involved. To agree to disagree may allow for some level of comfort. To accept the idea that I might not understand the reason that the other person disagrees, and also to let go of the idea that I am right allows me to respond with kindness instead of indifference.

How should I respond to violence?

Remember, just because we accept the idea that we may not perceive things exactly as they are, it doesn’t mean that the way things are, are without consequences. Consequences may not be exactly as we perceive them either, but perceived or not consequences are real. Everything is “real”. Real just may not be how we perceive it.

To respond to violence with violence may be the only response that we know. It is important to know that even though we may respond with violence, we should also not hold on to the possibility that we are absolutely correct in our response.

When violence occurs and I win and the other person loses, isn’t this the desired result?

It may be the desired result at the time, but it would not be wise to hold on to the idea that the desired result is right or the only way. Letting go of right and wrong can be the only correct response to not having the complete picture or perception of all of reality and it’s causes and effects.

That is why it is so important to practice kindness. Kindness by its very nature allows for many possibilities. Hatred allows for very few.

How does this way of thinking (or not thinking) stop violence?

Kindness does not stop violence. It does however allow for more possible outcomes than violence. Violence is nearly always met with violence. Again, kindness by its very nature allows for many possibilities. Hatred allows for very few.

02April2011 MRLARRY.ORG

Today's a day that if you will, you'll bitch and moan and cuss.

Tomorrow will we be alive to see what was the fuss?

Yesterday's so far behind and soon will be forgotten.

Today right now we have the choice: Be happy or feel rotten!


Some days are wonderful indeed and some are full of pain.

Life isn't always all about what is for us to gain.

The good or bad in which we dwell may not be all it's seeming.

Each moment is a special gift that gives it precious meaning.

Some will believe that this is true, others that all's for naught.

If meaning in life's found at all, in all of life it's got.


There's no such thing as a waste of time.

Popular opinion not withstanding.

There are however many possibilities with many possible outcomes.

Desire by it's very nature may come into conflict with the desire of others.

To not desire anything may seem like a waste of time.

Our human life is a result of desire, it is our desire to achieve the highest spiritual understanding.

To not desire anything instead is nirvana, God. This is not a desire but is instead an understanding.

It is an understanding of the highest spiritual co-existence. Oneness with the universe.


I love the subject of forgiveness. I even made up a definition, though it may not be true. My made up definition is that forgive, or for-give, means to (first-give). I don't see forgiveness as a judging kind of action. If I decide that I can forgive because I can see how the other person could arrive at some erroneous conclusion or state of being than I am judging that person. It may be that I took a lot of time, effort, and thought to arrive at the conclusion that I can forgive the person, but it is still judging them.

If I decide to first-give, then instead of embarking on the judgement route at all, I can try to treat that person with respect, kindness, and civility. It is easy to see how someone could look at a person who has committed violence, especially toward ones self or loved ones, and judge that person as undeserving of any respect whatsoever.

My thought (and of course this is all just my current opinion), is that if someone is being violent, then hopefully they can be stopped by myself or someone else. Some may point out that stopping violence might necessarily be violence in itself. I have to think that "intent" is the important issue here. If the intent is to simply stop the violence, then it seems to me that it does not have to be a judgmental or a hateful act, but instead can even be done respectfully. A person does not have to have hate in their heart to stop a violent act. I think that it is very sad that there are organizers of violence in the world and innocent people are pulled or pushed into it with no original ill intent. In war, a soldier may start out only intending to protect and defend, but become angry or bitter because of the circumstances of war or finding the dishonesty or politics of the war. We should pray and first-give goodwill and intent for our soldiers, so that they may keep their own.

For centuries people have often forgotten that we effect each other in war as well as in peace. That our actions and intent towards others have an effect that may not even be what we intended.

I'm saying that we should all first-give, even after someone has harmed us. We affect each other and first-giving is the only way to keep the intent of good-will alive and prospering. I like Teddy Roosevelt's "speak softly, but carry a big stick". Of course we should protect ourselves and each other. Just don't forget that to others "we" are the others!