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I’m inspired by lots of things. But starting to feel ancient. Modern TV is not the same. Not much of it is decent. Technology is kind of cool. Though I’m falling way behind. Add on those things I used to do. And I haven’t any time. Lot’s of toys are …

Four Line Poem

A man wrote down a simple tune, one line than another. The first line spoke of heaven, how we should love each other. The next line spoke of peace for all, no war and no more pain. The third line proclaimed God is king, o’re all of life’s domain. The …


I’m no politician, I just make things rhyme. I might give opinions, that are only mine. I’m not superstitious, to me that’s kind of odd. I do have a religion, the one that I call God. I’m not motivated, by money or by power. The finest diamond won’t surpass the …

Morning Prayer

Now I wake me up from sleep. I thank the Lord he’s let me keep. Another chance to be awake. For granted let me never take. Life as it comes with all its ways. I pray the Lord guide all my days. Amen

For the journalist in you

Journalism is a powerful form of communication affecting everything from casual conversation to social media and politics. Lies become truth to some people with disastrous results. Dutifully investigated truthful journalism has the potential to improve and solve many of the world’s problems. Informed people are willing to invest in children …


I used to try to pray once a day. Don’t need to try anymore. Seems I’m praying off and on all day every day. Prayers for all of you whether you need it or not!