Photo of Grandma & Grandpa’s 50th (1961)

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Wallace Lobdell Family

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Listen to a story about a Lobdell family

Come listen to a story about a Lobdell family.
A farmin in the 30s town of Lebanon S.D.
With 13 kids a mom and dad they had a lot to do.
With farmin and a schoolin and a little playin too.

Crop pickin that is, before school.

There was Ma and Pa and Bud and Hank and Swede and Irish too.
Teeny, Toot, Emmy, Echo, had a lot to do. With Dutch and Violina, Mid, and Denny, also Joe.
They’d dream about a lot of things but never time to go.

Well the first thing you know the dust was in the air.
The Kin folks said; Wally move away from there!
They said that Ohio is the place you ought to be.
So they loaded up the truck and they moved near Bowling Green, Ohio that is, North Baltimore, lots of trees, lots of corn.

Now everyone had to go back to work again. With school and work and 13 kids it seemed it’d never end.
Eventually they all grew up and had big families!
Reunions with the grandkids and big anniversaries.

Lobdell that is. Set a spell. Put your boots on. Get back to work now y’hear?



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